Heaven’s Eye

The stars align in your favor, powerful orbs glowing from within the limitless ether. Alive and breathing like trees in the forest, they exude a light as pure and necessary as water. Their beauty is our beauty, reflecting onto us our innermost truths, sparkling mirrors of energy and heat. Brilliant landmarks of the ever-expanding universe, the shadows they cast are a reminder of who and where we are, the brightness of their fires are a testament to all we might become.  The “Heaven’s Eye” Collection is a homage to the empire of the sun, a series of artfully crafted jewelry that embraces the power and gravity of all that burns within us. Made with intention and offered without expectation, the collection takes as its inspiration the hot sphere of glowing gases that enables life itself, infusing our delicate accoutrements with a vision of nature’s simple power, amplifying its essence with the inclusion of precious metals and gemstones that silently smolder with elegance and enchantment.